Sauna products

The product consists of a glass jar containing a sponge and a natural oil.

The aroma can be placed in any desired space. In the living room, bedroom and on the toilet, but also in the bathroom, sauna or other areas.

You can open the aroma 24 hours a day in a room, then the scent will be spread throughout the room and give a wonderful aroma to the environment during an average period of 1 year.

To be able to smell the fragrance consistently, you should close the product properly at least once a month and turn it upside down for a few hours. As a result, the oil that has been processed in the product is again well absorbed by the sponge and the scent can be properly released into the room again.

When used in the bedroom and sauna, only open the product when you are present in the room or slightly before and close the product again when you leave the room. (this only makes the product last longer)

By inhaling the fragrance, it can have certain therapeutic properties for the human body, which are described, among other things, with each fragrance on this website of Aromas Naturales. (click here)

When opening the jar, you must take into account the liquid content. It is therefore important that you keep the product straight when opening it to ensure that no oil leaks out of the product.

We would like to point out that an oil has been processed in the product and that you must be careful that no oil leaks from the product after you have opened and closed the product yourself, for example to turn it upside down. When placing on cabinets or wooden panels, it is therefore best to use a saucer or a Ceramic decorative pot, or a Ceramic lid from Aromas Naturales on which/in/under you can place the product.

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