Below you will find an overview and a short description of the products of Aromas Naturales.

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Air freshener with aromatherapy

A year of fragrance in space, and the medicinal effect of the fragrance by Aromatherpaie. The product consists of a glass jar containing a sponge and a natural oil. The aroma can be placed in any desired space. In the living room, bedroom and on the toilet, but also in the bathroom, sauna or other areas. You can leave the aroma open 24 hours a day. The scent is spread throughout the room and gives a wonderful aroma to the environment during an average period of 1 year.


For the Aroma 112gram we have a special decorative pot in which the product can be placed. We also have a special decorative lid under which the aroma can be placed, so that it no longer needs to be turned.

Fragrances in the Sauna

The air freshener with aromatherapy can be used in the infrared sauna, we also have the pouring oil especially for the sauna that is poured onto the stones of the heater in the sauna.

Aloe Vera

The new line of cosmetics and care for the body and face, from Aromas Naturales with aloe vera and calendula, contributes to our health and beauty, due to the excellent properties of these plants, and their invaluable value for our organism. The Aloe Vera from Aromas Naturales, the Aloe Vera Barbadensis is the most medicinal Aloe Vera species of the Canary Islands.

Snail Cream – Baba de Caracol

Recent scientific research has shown that snail slime has unique healing properties. Snails are able to repair their cochlea themselves if it is damaged. Baba de Caracol from Aromas Naturales is an external treatment for the face, hands and body. The cream ensures a deep recovery of the skin and is suitable for every skin type.

Corporate Identity

In addition to the recognizable logo, give your company its own scent. A scent that says something about the company, a scent of recognition. A company fragrance is more than a fragrance. Recognition by smell is also very important for a company. Aromas Naturales offers various applications to create your own scent in your company.