Corporate identity

Receive your clients at your company or office where a wonderful scent prevails. A fragrance associated with your company. A recognition not only of the logo, stationery, business cards and employees, but also of its own scent. A fragrance that really represents your company. A fragrance that immediately reminds you of your company and the associated service.

For example, think about the thoughts you have when you smell fresh bread, or a certain perfume that a loved one always wears.

Fragrance does a lot to people, scent puts people in a certain mood and creates atmosphere.

Aromas Naturales offers many possibilities to apply fragrance in your organization. For example, we can spread scent through the existing air conditioning system or in other ways, a different scent can be created in any desired room.

At a banking institution, we can provide a certain scent in the areas where people are received or a specific scent upon entry.

In a hotel we can provide an entrance lobby scent, a scent in the restaurant, in the hotel shop, and in the rooms.

Aromas Naturales ensures that your specially developed company scent prevails in your company.

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